Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Victoria's top rated players

Chess in Victoria is not just about quantity but quality also. A look through the Australian rating lists shows a number of highly rated players in Victoria.

Top Victorians

1. 2473 D. Johansen (GM)
2. 2412 I. Goldenberg (IM)
3. 2385 M. Baron (FM)
4. 2375 B. Cheng (FM)
5. 2350 E. Teichmann (FM)
6. 2342 G. West (IM)
7. 2339 J. Morris (IM)
8. 2311 C. Wallis (FM)
9. 2311 D. Stojic (FM)
10. 2307 D. Dragicevic (FM)

Also IM Mirko Rujevic heads the lists of Senior players, Sally Yu is 5th in the women's list and 2nd in the girls list, Bobby Cheng is 2nd in U-20, 1st in U-18 and U-16, Karl Zelesco is 2nd in U-14, Enoch Fan is 2nd in U-12 while Ethan Lim is 2nd in U-10.

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