Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Round Robin Tournaments

The majority of chess events held in Melbourne are run under the swiss system. However, at the present moment, 2 of the biggest clubs in Melbourne are running round robin events. Box Hill Chess Club are running their Masters tournament which is a 10 player FIDE rated tournament. The games are being broadcast live via Box Hill's excellent DGT coverage. Noble Park Chess Club are also running their Masters event which is again a 10 player FIDE rated tournament. One game from this event is also being played at Box Hill and the moves are being shown live.

These tournaments are identical in format but different in nature. Box Hill's tournament is an opportunity for players to gain ratings, so all that is needed is 3 players with FIDE ratings and all in the tournament should come away with a rating. Actually, I noticed David Flude (the main organiser) played tonight though he wasn't in the starting list. The Noble Park Masters is more of an elite event attracting a very strong field. One player who is in both tournaments is Jimmy Ying. Jimmy is finding it tough at Noble Park, but he scored a fantastic win against FM Domagoj Dragicevic.

Anyway, I've updated the game database to include the games from tonight, and will continue to upload games into this database.

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