Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Victorian Olympians Part 1

The current chess Olympiad sees only one current Victorian representative, Sally Yu, board 3 for the women's team. Sally started off with a good win in the first round playing black Rivera Borg of Malta. The game was an Exchange Queen's Gambit where Sally was able to nullify any threats that her opponent came up with, while creating her own threats which won her an exchange. Sally is the fist Victorian representative in the women's team since Anastasia Sorokina played in 2004 and that was the only Victorian appearnace this century in the women's squad!

In the men's team, there has been more Victorian representation:

2010 D. Johansen

2008 D. Johansen

2006 N. Speck

2004 D. Johansen

2002 D. Johansen, N. Speck, M. Gluzman

2000 D. Johansen, G. West, L. Sandler

To be fair, GM Darryl Johansen could have played this time, but he ruled himself out of contention. I'll have a look further back into the twentieth century later on during this Olympiad!

Anyway, here's Sally's first game from the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad.

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