Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chess Info Sites

The best place to find out about chess in and around Victoria are at the club websites. Chess Victoria's website has some information, but it is tough to navigate and focuses mainly on events that Chess Victoria runs itself. However, there are useful sites to find out about chess news in Victoria.

At least 2 clubs that I know of create excellent newsletters. Box Hill Chess Club has been producing it's newsletter under the editorship of Gerrit Hartland for quite a while now (though I'm not sure exactly how least 5 years I would say). This is a weekly publication, which is a truly remarkable effort by the Box hill and Canterbury Junior chess clubs! As club newsletters are a combination of voluntary contributions put together by a devoted editor, the content can vary. There will always be club information in Box Hill's newsletters, including recent results and upcoming tournaments. There are sometimes games, and sometimes analysis. I think IM Michael Gluzman was annotating some games, though perhaps that was last year? A great benefit of this newsletter is that anyone can subscribe to it by joining the Box Hill mailing list and the newsletter will be sent directly to your email for free. Just contact the club by email.

Noble Park Chess Club also produce a newsletter. So far this has been one of the outstanding publications in Australian chess, at least to my mind. The newsletter will give results and detailed tournament reports including games analysis. It is a very attractive publication, colourful and with plenty of photos. It is produced about 5 times per year, roughly coinciding with the start of each of their main tournaments (though I wouldn't be surprised if there is a special newsletter for the club weekend event next week!).

IM Robert Jamieson also produces a newsletter, called "On The Move". Working with the Chesskids organisation, Robert has revived a publication that the Victorian Chess Association formerly published. This is published every 2-3 months in pdf form but hard copies are produced and sent to clubs. Hopefully some of you would have seen some of them. Robert also produces a junior newsletter for chesskids, called Knight Times. While the articles are directed at Juniors this is still a newsletter for everyone. Like Box Hill's newsletter, the main distribution of these newsletter's is by email, so contact chesskids and get these for free!

A couple of other places to find out news and information about Victorian Chess are the ACF newsletter and the Australian Junior Chess League's newsletter, both of which can be subscribed to for free. The ACF newsletter is currently not being produced while a new editor is sought, and the AJCL's bulletin is not a regular publication. However, when produced, both of these give excellent information, some of which is pertinent to Victoria.

I very much enjoy reading these local publications and especially seeing photos. I wonder if any other clubs are producing newsletters in Victoria?

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